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Almudena, Support Engineer


“You spend a lot of your life at work, so it’s really important to be in an environment where you feel appreciated and welcome.”

Almudena Igualá, Support Engineer , Mimacom, Valencia

Almudena Igualá, Support Engineer

I have a master’s in computer science. I was working at a company dealing primarily with PL/SQL when I got a LinkedIn offer from Mimacom and thought, “Hey, that looks good! Let’s try and see what happens”. The position was quite interesting because it was Java and programming-related, which I wasn’t really doing as much of at the time, so it as a chance to grow my knowledge and skills. 

In the interview, I got a great impression – I felt really comfortable. I was also really attracted by the freedom and autonomy the management were willing to offer. Now I’m in the job, it makes me feel like I’m truly trusted, and in turn, this encourages me to do my best work. This is particularly important in the support team, where we have a lot of concurrent, ongoing projects that require agility that this freedom complements. 

For example, I’m proud of a CMS project we’ve been working on for the Red Cross for the past year, year-and-a-half. The customer is really happy with how it’s going. They’re always putting in requests for new functionalities and they really trust the work we’ve been doing for them. I think we’re doing a great job, giving them all of the functionality they want, and helping them get the results they need.

You spend a lot of your life at work, so it’s really important to be in a work environment where you feel appreciated and welcome. When we do a good job when we need to work late, the managers are enthusiastic, they express their gratitude, and sincerely thank us. This means a lot.

I know that in some other businesses, you’re just a number. But at Mimacom, you feel comfortable, you feel appreciated, and you feel trusted. I think that’s really important.