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Marco Guggisberg, Software Architect


“It’s notable that Mimacom truly trusts its employees…They know that trust, collaboration, and professionalism are essential for the best work and the best outcomes.”

Marco Guggisberg, Software Architect Bern, Switzerland

Marco Guggisberg, Software Architect

Industry: Healthcare

Solution: Spring Boot applications running in the cloud with a Vue.js frontend

I’ve been working in the software industry for over a decade and I’ve been with Mimacom for the past 2.5 years. I was really happy to join this current project because it’s a relatively small and focused team, consisting mainly of Mimacom people, meaning we can all work together the Mimacom way. 

I've worked on this project from the start, beginning as a lead software engineer and deputy software architect, and then later stepping up as software architect when my predecessor moved on. Being a software architect means bridging customer needs and technical solutions. I talk to a lot of different people, different stakeholders. I work with product owners and the customer’s IT department to craft viable solutions, making sure to balance costs with the ability to maintain and further customize the product in the future.

Our project started from the need to digitize specific processes with a focus on regulatory compliance. This meant creating a space where end users could interact with manufacturers, fostering communication and transparency. The project consists of two applications. The first facilitates registrations, while the second unites different actors, empowering them with specific permissions. These actors, including manufacturers and importers, are given granular permission management, ensuring a tailored experience for each user.

An interesting and exciting part of this project was the customer's shift towards embracing Agile methodologies, a workflow we’ve introduced to their company for the first time. Agile's strength lay in its customer focus, letting us meet requirements more effectively. We piloted our product with a select group of users and were able to use their feedback to instantly improve the product. This iterative approach made benefits tangible to the client and kept our development on point. The company’s adoption of Agile on this project allows us to work intimately with the customer, ensuring the product meets requirements.

Mimacom is deeply involved in every step of this project, from scrum masters to requirement engineers, software architects to test management. The whole team delivery and tight collaboration allow us to learn more about how the client's business works on the day-to-day and helps us ensure efficiency on our end and satisfaction on their end. 

It’s also worth mentioning this is the most international team I’ve worked with. We’re working across borders: I’m here in Bern and the rest of the development team is in Spain. There are a few in Madrid, another in Valencia, and one who is fully remote in Alicante. It‘s been a really unique and positive experience.

Everyone working on our end, they’re all professionals. We have built a lot of trust, both with the customer and between each other as team members. It really highlights the importance of trusting the process and the people involved in order to deliver a robust and successful product.

It’s notable that Mimacom truly trusts its employees. They give us a lot of freedom, from where to work to the devices we can choose from. They know that trust, collaboration, and professionalism are essential for the best work and the best outcomes.