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Georgios, Digital Process Consultant


“I’ve met some of the coolest, smartest people that all go out of their way to support each other to deliver the best work we can."

Georgios, Digital Process Consultant Mimacom, Stuttgart

Georgios Konstantoulakis, Digital Process Consultant

I studied mechanical engineering at university. During my degree, spending time in the laboratories and setting up experiments was interesting, but monitoring them for months on end was less so! I found that coordinating the team and planning tasks was a better fit, which set the stage for my career at Mimacom.

How I first came across Mimacom is a funny story actually. At the time I was working for an automotive supplier in the app development division. Out of the blue, I got a LinkedIn connection request from Tim, the CEO of Mimacom Germany. He reached out and asked to set up a meeting. There wasn’t necessarily a job opening, but he wanted to get to know me and my work with process automation. 

When the meeting came around, it was just a cool conversation with cool people. They had the same fire to move things, do something that’s groundbreaking, and take manufacturing one step forward. And we had the solution at hand – Flowable. 

It turned out they had the perfect role for me. As a Digital Process Consultant, I’m the middleman between the developers using Flowable and the process engineers from manufacturing clients. Since I joined, I’ve found the atmosphere from my initial contact with Mimacom is reflected everywhere. 

I’ve met some of the coolest, smartest people that all go out of their way to support each other. I love what we do, the technology we use, and the difference we make, but mostly, I love the team spirit. It’s all about laughs and jokes, while really getting the job done. Everyone is in it together to see the team do well. 

I genuinely can’t think of a reason to not join Mimacom. If you want to work for leading companies as part of a tight-knit team, it’s the place to be.