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Christian, Regional Director for Romandie


“Learning together and getting the most out of our technologies is what enables us to do such interesting work.”

Christian Voirol, Regional Director Mimacom, Romandie

Christian Voirol, Regional Director for Romandie

I joined Mimacom in 2021 to spearhead the operation in Romandy, the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Beginning with just the three of us, we’ve built this branch of Mimacom from the ground up. 

The team has grown to twelve members and we’ve taken on some big clients in manufacturing, banking, and insurance. Recently, we’ve been working on a digital customer onboarding platform for one of Switzerland’s largest banks. It’s required a lot of coordination, competencies, and collaboration, and it’s been a pleasure being at the helm. 

In my role as a manager, I pour all my energy into making sure my team is fully aligned and wholly supported. I have an open-door policy that ensures there are no barriers between the leadership and the team – if one of the developers has got a great idea, I’m all ears and on hand with the tools to make it happen.

For instance, Mimacom is really invested in professional development. Our most recent projects have demanded specific expertise in cloud engineering, so we’ve helped our engineers get Azure certifications. This has also been key to developing strong relationships with our technology partners.

Learning together and getting the most out of our technologies is what enables us to do such interesting work. In my 25 years in tech, you might be surprised to hear I’ve encountered resistance to new approaches. In some companies, a sign-off might take months, while at Mimacom, it can take a matter of hours. 

It’s this authentically agile, open-minded approach that sets Mimacom apart. If you want to learn, to grow, and move fast, have a look at the openings.