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The implementation of an on-premises cloud platform from scratch for more than 700 developers based on the Cloud Foundry platform leads to faster time-to-market and facilitates new digital business models.



Our customer aims to be the leading cloud provider for German tax consultants and enterprises that are using the software to perform their financial accounting. To face this challenge, platform operations in the cloud have to be adapted and optimized while meeting all requirements in a restricted security environment.

DATEV eG, founded in 1966 and headquartered in Nürnberg, Germany, was initially established to apply new applications of IT to accounting practices. The company now offers software for accounting, human resource management, business consulting, tax computation as well as software for office and company organizations keeping the highest level of data- and IT security.

With the goal of improving platform operations, our customer decided to implement an on-premises cloud platform for more than 700 developers. Furthermore, our team was mandated to train developers and administrators to use and administrate this platform.


Mimacom designed and implemented an on-premises cloud platform from scratch to digitize and automate platform operations:

  • Definition of the cloud strategy together with DATEV

  • Proof of concept: Implementation of Cloud Foundry for the evaluation within the DATEV infrastructure

  • Deployment of Cloud Foundry for development, quality assurance and production stages

  • Usage of Cloud Foundry to isolate highly sensitive workload and data

  • Training of developers and administrators to use and administrate the cloud platform

  • Support for developers to write cloud-native applications

  • Automation of platform maintenance