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Citizen Developer in process automation

Nowadays, many companies want to be able to develop software solutions themselves. Their goal: to work agilely, reduce costs and, above all, quickly convert their company's requirements into the appropriate solutions. A successful software solution requires that all participants from business units and development work together optimally. Citizen Development makes this possible and is therefore a crucial interface between business and IT.

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You can achieve these competitive advantages with Citizen Development

Citizen Development massively simplifies the creation of an application and brings numerous advantages due to the ease of customization and further development:

  • Acceleration of the development of software projects

  • Reduce costs

  • Improve collaboration

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What to expect in the whitepaper: 3 things you should know about Citizen Development

  1. Citizen Development is the interface between business and IT

    1. When business units want to develop software

    2. What do Citizen Development, Low-Code, and No-Code mean?

  2. Citizen Development creates competitive advantages

    1. Citizen Development: 5 advantages of low-code development

    2. Citizen Development: just a trend or already reality?

  3. The right strategy makes Citizen Development a success

    1. Important features that every low-code platform should have

    2. Citizen Development: Two Use Cases

    3. Checklist: Your next steps

    4. Citizen Development with Mimacom and Flowable