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Banking web portal for Inmocaixa

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Mimacom has built the web portal www.inmocaixa.com on the platform Liferay DXP responding to all the functional needs of InmoCaixa.



Our client needed a web portal that would allow them to publish the promotions of their available real estate products. The website should be the point of entry for customers interested in renting or buying different types of products such as: homes, offices, shops, car parks, etc.

CaixaBank is the leading retail bank in Spain, with the largest customer base, a strong balance sheet and century-old cultures and values. Following the acquisition of the portuguese bank BPI, the CaixaBank Group consolidates a benchmark position in retail banking in Spain and Portugal.

InmoCaixa focuses on service quality, mobility and digitalization as well as innovation. In addition, stability, customer proximity and socially responsible action are considered to be of paramount importance.

The biggest challenge of the project was to develop a responsive portal that could be accessed from any device as well as to implement a powerful search engine with multiple filter options to narrow search results.

With the goal to publish available products, it was necessary to integrate with the client´s back office systems where this information resides, as well as offering the possibility of pre-processing certain information before being published on the web.

Finally, the website had to be a place where customers could contact InmoCaixa directly, in reference to those products in which they are interested. For this reason, it was also necessary to integrate the description of the products with the personal-ized contact forms of InmoCaixa. Other transversal challenges related to the type of commercial web that had to be built consisted in:

  • Requirements regarding the design

  • The integration with analytical systems

  • The use of SEO tools for optimal positioning


Mimacom has accompanied the client throughout the whole process of implementing the solution.

An integration system has been implemented between Liferay and SAP to enable the publication of the real estate product together with the construction of a backoffice in Liferay, through which content can be edited exclusively for the web. The implementation of a performance search engine with optimal response times has been achieved thanks to Elasticsearch: by means of the tool content is indexed at the time of import and integrated "out-of-the-box" with Liferay DXP to answer requests.

In the same way, a responsive layout, analytics integration as well as a SEO en-hancement have been solved thanks to the tools offered by the Liferay DXP.

Project Details

Industry: Banking and Real Estate

Team: 5 members, including Project Manager, Software Architect, Front-End Engineer, Liferay Engineers

Users: Users of the portal worldwide

Products / Technologies:

  • Liferay DXP

  • Oracle

  • Tomcat

  • Elasticsearch

The web portal that channels the real estate product to be marketed allows new functionalities that can be added constantly without recurring effects on the availability of the service or the original functionalities.