User Experience Design – The Key to Efficient Software and Service Development

The days of purely function-oriented product design are also over in the development of applications and web platforms. With the increasing digitalisation of the world, the user experience, or UX, is becoming increasingly important as a quality criterion and thus as a critical success factor for software and digital services.

As a positive user experience ensures satisfied and loyal clients and users, creates competitive advantages over the competition and promotes the reputation and thus the business success of the company.

The sooner UX design is incorporated into the design and development process for digital products and digitalisation projects, the greater the added value for the client.

This whitepaper explains the concept of User Experience and shows the importance of the human-centred design approach in software development as well as the role and the advantages of the integration of a professional UX Designer within the realisation of a software or digitalisation project: to be the project as successful as possible and, thus a quick amortisation of the development investment.