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3 Questions to Alain Sahli, CEO at Mimacom


Starting the new year, we asked Mimacom CEO Alain Sahli three questions about his perspective on the digitalization business and Mimacom’s role in it. Alain Sahli has been part of Mimacom since 2011 and has been active in different positions. Starting as a Software Engineer, thanks to his continuous diligence and strong commitment, he took over the CEO role of the four autonomous Mimacom country companies in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and the US. Because of his clear view of the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of IT and digitalization, we asked him three questions about his opinion on Mimacom and its current evolution. Read more in the interview to find out where Mimacom is going in 2022 and what counts most at our company.

What will be the strategic trends for IT and digitalization in 2022 from your CEO perspective? And how will Mimacom address it?

Alain Sahli: By 2025, 70% of new applications developed by enterprises will use low-code or no-code technologies. This insight from Gartner is one of the guiding principles for Mimacom that fits perfectly with our strategic direction. With Flowable as an affiliate company, we have a strong product that will support us in digitalization using the low-code or no-code approach and enable the customers with citizen developers. Other than that business intelligence area will continue to gain traction and Mimacom addresses that with its data engineering team and its two strategic partners, Confluent and Elastic. Furthermore, we see that our customers in Switzerland embrace public cloud platforms and next year it’s going to continue growing. We’ll expand our cloud engineering team and assess potential strategic partnerships in that area.

As a global CEO and former Software Engineer: Do you prefer standard software or individual software? How has your new role changed your view?

Alain Sahli: As applications of the future will be assembled and composed by the people that actually use them, I’d prefer a hybrid approach with both worlds. Mimacom partners with various great software providers like Flowable, Confluent, Liferay and Hyland. Even with such platforms, there’s almost always a need for some integration with other systems and for these cases, individual adaptions are still needed. In my opinion, it’s important to weigh the benefits and the fit of a platform to make a decision. To address the very specific needs of an organization, individual software still is the best choice today and probably will remain so for the years to come.

What did you appreciate most about your colleagues in 2021?

Alain Sahli: That’s easy to answer: their passion and flexibility. Our employees always surprise me with what they can achieve and they just proved that again in 2021, allowing Mimacom to deliver solid and high-quality software while generating strong revenue and growth. But also, they’ve all shown great flexibility several times in 2021 when due to COVID, we changed plans or unexpected tasks came up and the team spirit stayed positive.

Thank you, Alain, for your answers. We are looking forward to great achievements in 2022 together with everyone at Mimacom, our customers, and our partners!

Lena Füller

Lena drives international editorial and strategic marketing topics including social media, customer references, whitepapers, eBooks and the blog, where she writes about technological trends and digital transformation.