February 21, 2018

New whitepapers for free download

We are pleased to announce that up from now you can download for free two new whitepapers on the following topics

  • Mobile App Development as a Success Accelerator for Digital Solutions:

For many companies today, mobile user behavior is the starting point for new strategies and provides crucial input for their product development. The success-stories of WhatsApp and Uber impressively demonstrate just how important mobile apps are as the key to developing new digital business models. Even though apps often seem simple and elegant, hiding the complexity of background data processing from the user, and the complexity of mobile app development must not be underestimated.

  • Machine Learning and AI with Liferay:

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are currently two of the hottest topics in IT. Even if both terms are often used in connection with each other, they do not denote the same thing. Nevertheless, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are already present in our everyday lives: from smart home entertainment solutions such as Amazon Alexa to partially self-driving cars, personalized product recommendations in online commerce, or fraud detection in the financial sector. Also, companies are already heavily committed to the commercial use of this revolutionary technology.

The whitepapers on digitization can be downloaded under the following links:

Mobile App Development as a Success Accelerator for Digital Solutions

Machine Learning and AI with Liferay