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In 5 steps to a data-driven business with Apache Kafka

Real-time data streams improve the user experience, increase the customer service quality and enable the creation of a cross-touchpoint customer journey. Create a strategic edge over your competitors through Data Driven Business. Read the whitepaper to learn how to move away from isolated data silos to a central nervous system for data in the enterprise in 5 steps.


From starting with real-time data streams to achieving a strategic edge

The first time most organizations encounter real-time data streams is when they have to handle large data volumes in an isolated use case. A bottom-up entry is characteristic of the beginning of a company's data streaming journey. However, if the topic of data streaming never comes to the forefront of the company's strategy, the company will miss out on potential in terms of its digitization plans.

Companies that use digital solutions to provide a seamless user experience, enable the highest quality of service, and always offer the most up-to-date information will have more success in their core business. Those who make clever strategic use of data as the central nervous system in the company, achieve a clear competitive edge. Mimacom´s whitepaper provides an overview and points the path

In the whitepaper "In 5 steps to a data-centric company", you will get an overview of the advantages of real-time data streams and learn how to create a central nervous system for your company data and how to capitalize on it.

  • Use Cases for Real-Time Data Streams

  • Maturity model: The 5 steps to a central nervous system for enterprise data

  • Options for getting started with real-time data streams with Confluent and Apache Kafka®

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How to become a data-centric company

  1. Creating a competitive edge through Data-Driven Business

  2. Identifying sources of problems

  3. Getting started with the maturity model

  4. Defining target image

  5. Getting practice: 5 typical use cases

  6. Finding and training experts

  7. For successful data streaming: getting started with Mimacom

    1. Confluent Starter Package

    2. System architecture and design

    3. Software projects with Mimacom