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Make the transition to the digital

The trend for digital transformation is in full swing and the scope of IT-based business models is constantly growing. Traditional companies are challenged by this situation as well as new market participants. If they lack the experience, it can be difficult to prioritize their next steps in a meaningful way to ultimately benefit from digitalization. Cultural and process-related change processes do not go hand in hand. Thanks to agile working methods, for example, companies can react flexibly and promptly to customer requirements.

mimacom advises companies on all aspects of digital transformation, from digital strategy, architecture and solution design to implementation and operation.

mimacom has created a flexible, robust and responsive platform that tremendously facilitates office work and communication of and between internal employees, customers and suppliers.
Torsten Kratz, Project Manager Siemens

Detailed analysis of the problem

mimacom advises you on the basis of many years’ experience on numerous projects in various industries. We know the technological developments and social trends that will determine the customer interactions of the future. With this knowledge we develop the ideal solution using established methods.

mimacom offers support in developing your digital strategy as well as digital services and products and helps you to transform your IT. We carry out strategy and conception projects with you and find answers to your questions together with your stakeholders. Your customer is always at the center of all considerations. Through comprehensive analysis, we solve problems at an early stage. The agile enabling of your project team takes place at the same time – as a result of close cooperation. The choice of the appropriate technology and implementation are only at the very end of the process.

Our Services

mimacom consulting services guarantee an innovative business orientation:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Agile Enablement
  • Customer Journey
  • User Experience
  • Technology Consulting
  • Cloud Journey and Continuous Delivery
  • Transformation of microservices
  • Software Architecture

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