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Digital Accelerator Program

Get more out of your digital projects

Digitalization enables innovation, competitive advantage and contributes to the success of a company. To effectively implement these advantages, a strategy based on experience and expertise is needed. Human-machine interactions require creativity and a structured approach in addition to technical understanding. Agile methods unite this ideal and achieve the target image unerringly. This is how you successfully bring your new digital services to the market.

With the Digital Accelerator Program, we advise you in all matters; from sharpening your digital strategy to designing new services and implementing them. We ensure future-oriented solutions with high investment security.

Success with the Digital Accelerator Program

The Digital Accelerator Program from mimacom is the basis for a structured approach. Together with our experts you discover, define and develop innovative solutions for your future business success. Problem-oriented cooperation between our team and your specialists, based on an agile approach, leads to high quality outcomes.

Atom mimacom DAP UX-learning

Your advantages

  • Individual solutions and competitive advantages through tailor-made solutions in various industries and application areas as well as innovative technologies

  • High customer benefit through methodologies such as user research and appropriate testing

  • High investment security by focusing on problem-solving products, starting with the basic functions and the Minimum Viable Product, through usable intermediate steps to the overall solution

  • High degree of innovation through comprehensive reflection of the project environment and customer needs

Questioning the status quo and laying the foundation for the future

The Digital Accelerator Program from mimacom replaces traditional, strictly sequential project phases with five agile modules. The beginning and the center of the approach is the joint learning process, in which the requirements for the next phase are iteratively understood and planned by the project team. This is because every project has its own requirements. The aim is that each of the phases leads back to the learning process and sharpening one's own image in comparison to the target image.

mimacom DAP UX-understand

Understand: Learning to understand

In the beginning, it is all about understanding the needs of the users, i.e. requirement engineering on a humane basis. By combining qualitative and quantitative research, we understand your business objectives and the concerns of your users.

mimacom DAP UX-ideate

Ideas: Great challenges and creative ideas

Only those who know or think they know the actual needs and problems can generate ideas for solutions. Together with the most important stakeholders, we formulate hypotheses and draft the first tangible ideas.

mimacom DAP UX-prototype

Prototype: Early customer feedback and less risk

A prototype is the first approach to defining a solution and is easy to test. This ensures that we are on the right track.

mimacom DAP UX-test

Test: Testing instead of assuming

We evaluate our hypotheses and receive early market feedback and acceptance criteria from your customers and users. We use these findings for the further course of the project.

mimacom DAP UX-develop

Develop: Develop according to Scrum

When user and business requirements match and the central interaction and visual designs are created, the development team begins the implementation iteratively. Designers, technical representatives, stakeholders and developers work together as a team.

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