Think big, start small:
From the idea to digital success

Digital Accelerator Program

Within short time to a successful digital product

4 out of 5 digital projects fail despite innovative ideas. This makes the input of resources and budget a risk factor. Use the Digital Accelerator Program to identify potential and risks early on and develop the right solution step by step. This way you can continuously optimize your products and benefit from planning and investment security. Define and design digital products for your business success together with mimacom in a short time!

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Maximize user experience

Successful digital products create exceptional user experience. When developing such products, IT and business departments work closely together to address customers on all levels. The Digital Accelerator Program enables a user-centered approach and verifies early on whether requirements are being met. This leads to digital products and services that your customers love!

With the implementation of the new customer portal, mimacom has significantly contributed to the digital transformation of our business model. Together with the customer we now benefit from fast and intelligent service
Bernd Pape, Head of Digitalization Hauni Maschinenbau

Your benefits – programmed for success

Speaker 1 Individual solutions thanks to tailor-made products in various industries as well as the use of the most innovative technologies.
Speaker 2 High viability of digital products using user centricity, prototyping, and methodologies for user research.
Speaker 2 Investment security based on an iterative project approach: from a fast-minimal solution to an exceptional product.
Speaker 2 High degree of innovation through comprehensive reflection of the project environment and customer needs. Interdisciplinary teams prevent silo thinking.

Our Packages

Designing digital services and products

Achieve your goals with our service packages

We want to provide you and your company with the best possible advice on the path to innovative digital services and products. We support you all the way from brainstorming to market launch with professional expertise and the latest technologies. Whether creating a digital strategy, designing new services or developing digital products, mimacom provides future-oriented individual solutions. How can we support you?

Success Story

eBook: Shape your digital transformation successfully

In this eBook you will learn how your idea can make you a pioneer of digital transformation. We will show you the opportunities offered by a user-centred approach and agile working methods and how you can move into the digital fast lane with the Digital Accelerator Program. Based on current figures and study results, this eBook provides the necessary know-how to create digital products and services in the shortest possible time that lead to digital success. Are you ready?


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