Software Architecture for Greater Agility and Sustainable Business Success

Software Architecture

Increase software quality and accelerate software development

A solid software architecture lays the foundation for high quality and sustainable development of software and systems. In order to keep the complexity as low as possible, and to remain agile in the long term, early system architecture considerations are important.

What benefits do microservices offer? Do we rely on the cloud? How important is the performance, do we even need real-time data streaming? These and similar questions have a direct impact on the complexity of the system and have a significant impact on the costs and agility of future development.

Investing in software requires making the right decisions early in the development process. Which features have to be developed? Which components are used and how do they interact amongst each other? System architecture provides the essential basis for decision-making and thus helps to prevent misinvestments.

Once the software is live, the work is not done. The modern user constantly expects new features and improved functionality at brief intervals. The release cycles of today's systems are short. If you want to develop in an agile and cost-efficient way, you need transparency and a logical scheme of your system.

It is impossible to build an object without a construction plan. Today's software systems are just as complex as buildings. Anyone who develops software for sustainable business success needs a solid software architecture.
Ivan Mrva, Head of Development mimacom

Software architecture at a glance

System architecture describes a software system, its components, interfaces and relations between each other. It serves as a blueprint for the improved overview as well as for the release planning (schedule) of your system.

Software architecture consists of a description of structures, concepts, principles and design decisions and their consequences.

Thus, the architecture supports the transition from analysis (requirement phase) to development. It thus represents a bridge between business and IT, providing an overview of the system and its complexity in a well-structured way.


Simple and successful: Software architecture from mimacom

Do you strive for a software architecture that meets the requirements of all stakeholders? Are you looking for satisfied end users, business units that see their needs addressed and happy employees in your development department? A software architecture enables you to meet those versatile requirements. For example, it lets you reveal perspectives of planned development in a way that is appropriate for your target audience.

mimacom as a reliable partner with proven expertise supports you in this process from the execution of structured workshops to documentation and the elaboration of a prioritized roadmap.

System Architecture Icon_Workshop


In workshops we work out the fundamentals together with you.

System Architecture Icon_Paperwork


mimacom creates the software architecture consisting of software design and documentation.

System Architecture Icon_Roadmap


Starting from a solid basis, we develop a roadmap together with you.

The Software Architecture Workshops in brief

Usually we conduct three workshops with you to work out the system architecture. The workshops, which are moderated and structured by us, are a proven approach to achieve a broadly supported overall view.

Tangible results

As a result, you receive a comprehensive documentation of the architecture of your system and a prioritized development roadmap. We discuss the results of the workshops and the artifacts developed by our System Architects in a joint review meeting.

Software Architecture Documentation

The documentation contains a high-level description of the system and is intended to provide a comprehensive overview. It forms the basis for the start of the project development phase and is a key document for the understanding of the software architecture within the development team.


The roadmap provides an overview of the planned further development and identifies the next steps in the development. It contains a prioritized list of all upcoming activities planned for the future.

Results system architecture

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