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Digital concepts for the bank of today

Digitalization is old hat for banks. However, niche Fintech providers, newly founded digital banks, a change in customer usage behavior and the continuing low interest rates are intensifying competition and increasing the pressure to digitalize.

The right strategy and an agile organization are important cornerstones for exploiting the advantages of digitalization. After all, technological change holds considerable potential for increased revenue, lower costs and adherence to compliance requirements. Innovative customer experiences create competitive advantages and enable new business models. Business process automation reduces the workload of qualified employees, leads to reliable quality and lowers costs. Finally, digitalization makes it possible to trace and automate any compliance requirements.

Innovative concepts require new approaches, future-oriented technologies and competence in order to make them usable. mimacom has many years of experience, on numerous projects in the banking environment. With industry expertise and innovative technologies, we can support your business goals and help you realize an excellent user experience for your customers.

Modern architectures and integrated systems for real-time data streaming
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Customer loyalty thanks to new forms of interaction between bank and customer
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Desired dates for customers and a qualified, automated preparation for consultants
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Automate time-consuming routine tasks and relieve valuable employees
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