Automation of business processes in banking and finance

Business Process Automation

Intelligent Business Automation for efficiency and compliance

Process automation has long been advancing at credit institutions. Not only do they save resources by automating processes, they also help them win new customers and meet compliance requirements.

Customers also want to manage their banking affairs independently of time and place. Opening an account and applying for a credit card or loan should be convenient and work in real time – preferably via smartphone and with services such as website, apps or webchat.

Digital processes in real time

Based on extensive practical experience and a thorough requirements analysis, our consultants select the appropriate technology. They draw from an innovative technology stack that includes solutions such as Flowable for Business Process Automation and Adaptive Case Management. Agile development methods, our flexible company structure and scalable project teams guarantee implementation on time and within budget.

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Customer Experience as a success factor

Solutions such as Business Process Automation and Adaptive Case Management are set up to meet all compliance and audit requirements. For example, they autonomously perform KYC and CDD controls. Captured data is processed in a legally compliant manner and all interactions are logged in a revision-proof manner. Automated processes can be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT infrastructure and systems.

Know your customer (KYC): Processes such as KYC and Customer Due Diligence verify customer identity and check customer data in external information sources for risk potential.

Onboarding process: New customers can open an account via any touchpoint. They enter their data in online forms. An identity card or passport can be submitted via upload. The integrated e-signature function replaces the Postident procedure. Since the solution connects all systems, new customers can use any communication channel for the onboarding process.

Customer Self Service: With efficient services and a positive customer experience, customers reap the benefits of digital self-service.

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