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Business Process Automation

Via digitalization to automated workflows

The compliance requirements in the life sciences sector are high. Time is therefore invested in the traceability of processes. Qualified, expensive employees often perform stupid, manual processes. As a result, there is enormous potential for cost reductions in business process automation, while at the same time ensuring consistent traceability, quality and compliance.

Software-based clinical studies are the order of the day, ideally FDA-compliant. This simplifies data collection considerably. With customer-centric solutions, using them becomes child's play. However, there is enormous potential for automation and savings not only in patient-related processes, but also in all other standardized and non-standardized procedures.

With mimacom as our technology and development partner, we have developed the Customer Relationship Management, which together with our ERP is one of Atupri's most important strategic applications today. We profited from the technological know-how, but also from the flexibility and reliability of mimacom. Another essential point for a successful cooperation is the transparent, open and honest way of communication, as well as the fairness of the partnership.
Dieter Genge, Head of IT and Projects Atupri Health Insurance

We identify and eliminate your efficiency killers

After a status quo analysis our mimacom Consultants model your processes together with you. Thanks to their extensive experience they are valuable sources of ideas. The combination of best practices with agile conception and development methods allows you to experience first results live very quickly.

During implementation, we draw on an innovative technology stack that also includes solutions such as Flowable for Business Process Automation and Adaptive Case Management. Due to our flexible company structure and scalable project teams, we guarantee implementation on time and within budget.

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Automate processes within the shortest possible time

With Flowable, we rely on a multiple award-winning open source solution that does without an expensive IT infrastructure. It is platform based. The greatest added value of the BPM and CMMN solution lies in the automation of structured and non-structured processes - even without programming knowledge. Processing times can be significantly reduced in this way:

  • Automation of document-related processes: applications, approvals, assignments, etc.
  • Process modulation with decision rules, case structures and forms
  • Integration of informal messaging messages via WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger in structured process and case management
  • Chatbots and real time chat
  • Audit-proof logging of processes

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