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Portals and applications for medical institutions, manufacturers and patients

The life-science science sector is booming. Nevertheless, there are still some challenges to be overcome in the industry. Cost pressure in clinical studies and clinical care, which is usually borne by health insurance companies, requires efficient procedures. Extensive regulatory requirements of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and EMA (European Medicines Agency) and long-standing approval procedures result in high costs in the development of new active ingredients and drugs. Even after market launch, pharmaceutical companies need good arguments. After all, they have to prove time and again that competing drugs are justified.

E-health solutions provide a remedy. They not only increase efficiency and facilitate compliance with compliance requirements. They consistently focus on the customer - depending on the situation, this may be doctors, medical staff or the patient - and enable new business models. Some home treatment therapies, for example, would be inconceivable without technology support.

With mimacom as our technology and development partner, we have developed the Customer Relationship Management, which together with our ERP is one of Atupri's most important strategic applications today. We profited from the technological know-how, but also from the flexibility and reliability of mimacom. Another essential point for a successful cooperation is the transparent, open and honest way of communication, as well as the fairness of the partnership.
Dieter Genge, Head of IT and Projects Atupri Health Insurance

First results can be experienced quickly

Innovative concepts require new approaches, future-oriented technologies and competence in order to make them usable for themselves. mimacom has many years of experience from numerous projects in the life science sector.

With Digital Accelerator Program, our building set for agile methods, our team will work with you to develop innovative ideas and create the framework for your sustainable success. We develop the ideal solution design with you and work out the best user interaction. In doing so, we keep an eye on the added value for your customers.

In each project, our experts select the appropriate building blocks from an innovative technology stack that also contains numerous open source technologies. The implementation is based on agile development methods. This allows first results to be experienced very quickly.

Our flexible company organization ensures timely implementation and scalable operation, including nearshoring option.

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Develop your digital products now

There are already numerous successfully implemented products: Digitally provided therapy plans, dosage and prescription aids, the monitoring of therapy compliance and symptom progression through to gamification approaches to increase motivation for long-term therapies. Develop your own products now.

Our solutions

  • Browser-based applications and portals for research institutions, manufacturers and medical institutions
  • Mobile apps for interactive therapy plans and home treatment therapies (Nursing Apps) that meet the highest data protection requirements
  • Design of the digital touchpoints when handling medicines, e.g. for dosage aids, dosage forms
  • Integration of messaging services for an ideal user experience
  • Integration of augmented reality to illustrate the dosage form for both clinical staff and patients
  • Browser-based data capture (electronic data capture) for clinical studies
  • Electronic patient file and electronic patient compartment

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