Medical technology grows beyond itself with real-time data

Medical IoT

IoMT for medical technology of today

Manufacturers in the field of medical technology offer outstanding products. With new therapies, they enable sick people to enjoy a better quality of life. Digitalization is significantly expanding the range of applications for medical technology. Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) stands for the integration of devices and real-time data transmission based on innovative streaming and cloud architectures.

In concrete terms, the use of these devices generates a large amount of treatment data, for example in dialysis and respiratory equipment or in monitoring blood values. This allows irregularities to be detected without delay, therapies to be effectively adapted and immediate action to be taken in an emergency. The functionality of the device and maintenance intervals are also automatically monitored or even anticipated in the sense of predictive maintenance. In this way, medical care providers improve processes in clinics or practices and increase the effectiveness of therapies.

Customer-centric design and fast results

Innovative concepts require new approaches, future-oriented technologies and competence in order to make them usable for themselves. mimacom has many years of experience from numerous projects in the life science sector.

In each project our experts select the appropriate solutions from an innovative technology stack, which also contains numerous open source technologies, after a thorough requirements analysis. The focus is on the added value for your customers and patients. After all, a very good customer experience is the yardstick for the individually tailored solutions.

The implementation is based on agile development methods. Our flexible company organization ensures timely implementation and scalable operation, including nearshoring options.

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Develop your digital products now

There are already numerous successfully implemented products: Digitally provided therapy plans, dosage and prescription aids, the monitoring of therapy compliance and symptom progression through to gamification approaches to increase motivation for long-term therapies. Develop your own products now.

Together with you, we design your digital strategy, develop digital business models and deliver end-to-end solutions: from conception and connectivity to architecture and data usage. Because future-oriented infrastructures direct data streams and enable real-time processing. We guarantee a customer-centric design and rapid implementation with the mimacom Digital Accelerator Program.

Our solutions

  • Consulting to concretize your IoMT vision and the desired solution
  • Definition of requirements for technology, processes and users
  • Design of IoMT architectures based on future-oriented cloud and streaming technologies
  • Prototyping and implementation of use cases
  • Implementation of IoMT platforms based on networked data from different systems
  • Connectivity and connection of devices and machines
  • Implementation of web and browser applications including messaging integration for patients, physicians and other stakeholders

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