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Business Process Automation

Automated processes without cost-intensive infrastructure

In addition to modern technology and high quality, customers in plant and mechanical engineering expect a high degree of adherence to delivery dates. But how reliable are deadlines and calculated throughput times still when material is missing, employees fall ill, and paper-based processes provide little information about process progress?

Digital, automated processes are lean and transparent, in every project phase and across departmental boundaries. Automated processes provide employees in development, procurement or production with relevant information, always precisely tailored to the task at hand. They no longer must improvise when something doesn't run smoothly, because intelligently set up processes provide alternatives.

Every process can be controlled with data support, be it along the internal supply chain or for the exchange with your customers. In addition, you can create project transparency to increase customer proximity.

We identify your efficiency killers and eliminate them

mimacom analyses your current processes, designs and implements digitally controlled processes with you, which allow your company to work efficiently and without errors. In the future, you will work time and cost efficiently, with consistent project data company-wide and across departments.

With Flowable, we rely on a multiple award-winning open source solution that does without an expensive IT infrastructure. Platform based, the greatest added value of the BPM and CMMN solution lies in the automation of both structured and non-structured processes. Processing times can be significantly reduced in this way.

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Individual processes for more throughput and on-time delivery

Order processing in mechanical and plant engineering is characterized by constantly changing, customer-specific project requirements, often with new plant components to be developed. This means imponderables in R&D, in work preparation and partly also in procurement. The technologically advanced process solutions from mimacom for processes such as your order processing or your internal supply chain (supply chain management) can map all processes and decision models. Even complex case management scenarios, such as those common in mechanical and plant engineering, will be controlled digitally and automatically. For example:

Order Management

  • You always have full project transparency
  • You can see the effects, for example, of changed customer requirements or missing material
  • You have insight into available personnel capacities
  • You can optimally dispatch and process urgent spare parts orders

Supply Chain Management

  • You have full transparency about the stock in main and project warehouses
  • Your purchasing department is completely transparent and provides procurement alternatives
  • Changed parts lists can be automatically evaluated and intelligently integrated into the procurement process
  • AV processes can be efficiently structured and parallelized

Customer portals and customer self service

The exchange with your customers can also be automated. Service portals are the ideal basis for sharing project status and data, documents, documentation or software for your machines with your customers. Here you can also offer all paid services to ensure the functionality and performance of your machines - ideally as Customer Self Service. You can access this data and services via any communication channel, including messenger platforms.

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