Maximum shopping experience with an individual shopping experience


Equipped for the trade of tomorrow

The trend towards online shopping is uninterrupted. Most retailers see e-commerce as an opportunity to compete. Do you already count among the winners who gear their shop to the purchasing behavior of their customers in order to offer them added value?

By real added value, discerning customers understand combined sales channels, i.e. between stationary trade, online and mobile shopping. This knowledge of a positive customer experience and the personal needs of each customer is the key to your further growth. Because with this knowledge you can tap into new target groups, develop new business models and leverage greater business potential.

Digital customer loyalty thanks to an individual customer experience

mimacom has many years of industry expertise in the development of innovative portals and applications with digital and automated end-to-end business processes. Based on the Digital Accelerator Program, our consultants will realize your project within the set time and budget. They never lose sight of a positive customer experience and the added value for your customers.

For the development of future-proof solutions, the agile, scalable project team draws on an innovative technology stack that also contains numerous open source technologies.

Must-have for every online shop

As a sustainable dealer you are present in all sales channels. Here you score at every touchpoint. The mimacom solutions include:

  • Web portals and mobile applications

  • Automation of your business process

  • Intranet solutions

  • Innovative architectures for real-time services

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