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Microservice architecture for Desigual

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With the implementation of a cloud-orientated architecture based on microservices for the development of new applications, Mimacom has supported Desigual to provide its development teams with new tools and technologies to build applications in a more uniform, flexible and agile way.


Desigual is a clothing brand based in Barcelona that is characterized by asymmetrical designs, bright colors and the incorporation of graffiti. The company, which was founded in 1984, has multiple factories, shops all over the world and an online shop.


Through this microservice architecture implementation project, Desigual's application development framework has been adapted to use models and technologies that are more suited to today's needs, where distributed teams (both spatially and in functional areas) prevail over large traditional development teams.

Similarly, and in line with current market trends, the new architecture has focused on facilitating the maintenance and deployment of applications in cloud environments

The main challenge of the project has been not only to implement an architecture of this type flexible enough to grow based on the future needs of Desigual, but also to understand the specific case studies of Desigual in order to find the most appropriate tools and technologies for each case.


For the development of this project, a mixed team of Mimacom and Desigual employees has been formed, in which Mimacom has contributed all its experience in the development of architectures and platforms focused on microservices and cloud.

The solution of this project was the selection of the most suitable technological stack for the existing needs:

  • Spring Boot: implementation and the configuration of microservices

  • Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS: configuration, monitorization and communication between microservices

  • Redis: session data storage and cache of the applications

  • Kafka: asynchronous communication of microservices and management of push notifications

  • Angular: framework for the development of frontend applications

  • Docker: creation and management of containers

  • Docker Swarm: orchestration of containers

  • Elastic Stack: log monitoring and analysis

Project Details

Industry: Retail Team: 5 members including 2 Architects, 3 Software Engineers Users: Technical Team Desigual Products / Technologies:

  • Spring Boot

  • Spring Cloud

  • Netflix OSS

  • Redis

  • Kafka

  • Angular

  • Docker

  • Docker Swarm

  • Elastic Stack

With the solution provided by Mimacom, Desigual has now a new approach and a new application development platform that is more modern, agile, flexible and scalable.