Continuous Delivery: A new era in software development

LinkedIn, Facebook, Netflix, Zalando and Co are leading the way: Instead the many months of release cycles, these companies optimize their operating software almost continuously, new functions are already online after a few hours or days of development time. This is made possible by "Continuous Delivery".

With Continuous Delivery, the overall project is divided into more manageable sub-projects, at the end of which a deliverable and production-ready software artefact is ready as a partial release from each sub-project. This allows software improvements or new functions to go into production within a few hours or days, while other parts of the project are still in progress. The "project in process" thus becomes a "product in progress".

The whitepaper introduces the concept, the advantages and the cultural change required at companies for its implementation and shows how Continuous Delivery enables companies to take their software development to a new level:

This modern development approach promises a drastic reduction in time-to-market thanks to significant streamlining of the development cycles with automated test and delivery functions - at lower costs.