Modern data management in practice – best practices for efficient data use

Data that is available at any time and users who ask for it: In companies, successful data management has become the supreme virtue. But the path to innovative and customer-friendly applications requires expertise and specialist advice. In this whitepaper, you will learn from mimacom how to establish a high-quality data foundation to enable the analysis and effective use of your data.

In 3 parts, this whitepaper gives you an introduction to the most important things to know when managing data
in a modern manner:

mimacom Whitepaper Data management animation

Part I: Basics for successful digital data management

  • From raw data to data budget
  • The five phases of the data lifecycle
  • Data governance – the basis for successful data management
  • Roles and responsibilities of data management

Part II: Modern daten management is agile

  • Practical organization of your data management
  • Technical organization of your data management

Part III: Innovative use of data and user services in

  • Real-time data streaming
  • Modern microsoervice and streaming achitectures