On-Demand Webinar “From Batch to Real Time Processing"

Is your company already data driven? Event streaming technologies like Apache Kafka® are key for real-time use cases. Learn how to speed up your data processing and watch our webinar now.

Experience the benefits of streaming data with a concrete example from the financial sector: Find out how two Kafka streams are combined into a real-time stock portfolio dashboard. Thanks to Confluent Kafka®, e-banking users can view their portfolio value with real-time stock prices and trade more successfully. In the webinar, our system architects will show you how to implement Kafka streams in a real-time application.

In the webinar you'll learn how streaming data can be implemented in a concrete project.

Webinar "From Batch to Real Time Processing"

Watch the full webinar now. It's free.

  • Business benefits of streaming data
  • Showcase presentation: Experience Kafka® streams in a real-time application
  • Learn from our System Architects, how they implemented streaming data easily
  • Architecture of Confluent Kafka®