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Blue Screen Switzerland – A monitoring platform for Swiss healthcare

The Coordinated Sanitary Service developed with mimacom the tool Blue Screen Switzerland to have realtime picture of the “blue medical care situation“ at all times.

Hospitals, homes, and other institutions can easily record their current resource situation in Blue Screen Switzerland using a survey tool.

The data collected includes medical parameters such as capacity for treatment and logistical parameters, which include information on the autonomy of care and demand reports. In Blue Screen Switzerland, the KSD has a reliable and comprehensive source of data for unexpected or extraordinary situations, which provides key information on the current “blue supply situation“ in a timely manner and nationwide.

Test in an emergency: passed!

In the pandemic situation prevailing in 2020, Blue Screen Switzerland was able to prove its effectiveness in an emergency: Blue Screen Switzerland, a tool used by hospitals to report their capacities, provided a nationwide overview of available IPS places for the ventilation of people seriously ill with Covid-19. This emergency case highlighted the importance of technological interfaces in the healthcare sector.


Blue Screen Switzerland provides a realtime picture of the “blue medical care situation“ at all times. The platform thus brings emergency organizations and partners closer together, improves their cooperation, increases effectiveness and efficiency, and enables a concrete and real-time picture of the situation. This is particularly important in emergency situations: Blue light organizations, the federal government and the cantons can thus be provided with reliable, real-time data on healthcare in Switzerland, enabling them to make an exact diagnosis of the situation.

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