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API Management: From definition to strategy to your API economy

Companies such as Google, Salesforce and Facebook are among the early adopters in API management. Today it is no longer an innovation project but an indispensable part of companies’ overall strategy. This is why API management is not only a technical issue, but also a business topic for modern companies. It became a prerequisite for innovations based on agility, flexibility and business development.


Why API management? With application programming interfaces to digital business models

The efficient use of mobile and digital applications is essential for companies today. High scalability, reliable performance and real-time data streaming are central components of modern applications. But while under the surface of the applications efficient infrastructures ensure a smooth application, the crucial success factor is the ease of use of an app. The trend towards decentralized systems and cloud infrastructures is making one aspect of usability increasingly important: Application programming interfaces (APIs).

In 3 chapters this whitepaper provides an overview of the most important aspect of a successful API strategy.

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Learn how to use API management to generate value for your business with this whitepaper

  1. Three reasons for dedicated API management

    1. Connected data as a basic principle of digital applications

    2. Managing complex data structures with APIs

    3. Improving user experience with APIs

  2. API Economy - APIs as part of the overall strategy

    1. API management basics

    2. API management functions

    3. Use Cases

  3. API management in practice - A Roadmap for your API strategy

    1. Checklist

    2. Practical organization

    3. API management with Mimacom