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Webinar Recording: Data streaming in Banking with Confluent

Data streaming offers banks countless opportunities for generating additional business, improving the user experience thanks to real-time data, contributing to security, and simplifying compliance and regulations. In the webinar recording, you´ll learn from our experts at Mimacom and Confluent how data streaming in eBanking serves as a growth accelerator based on concrete examples and use cases.


What this webinar recording about Data Streaming in banking is about

As an introduction, Kai Waehner from Confluent shows how the banking world is changing and why data streaming as technology supports the business goals of banks. He gives further an overview of the possible use cases and architectures for data streaming in banking.

In the second part of the webinar, Sven Roth presents a concrete example of how banks can use data streaming concretely within a demo of Mimacom´s Digital Banking Suite. Finally, Confluent and Apache Kafka® expert Pawel Wasowicz grants a look behind the scenes on the topics of architecture, security, integration, and the background to the decision in favor of Apache Kafka / Confluent.

Please note that the webinar takes place in German. Contact us in case you wish an individual session in English.

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