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Customer portals and platform in manufacturing

Digitization has become a "running business". The driving forces are rising customer expectations and business and market changes. But how can machine and plant manufacturers use the advantages of digital platforms, automated processes, or the Internet of Things (IoT) for their business? Which approaches are particularly suitable for customer service, production, or machine management?


How to use B2B customer portals and business process automation platforms to drive efficiency and improve service

This whitepaper compares the challenges in the manufacturing industry with current digital solutions. You will learn about the potential that digitization and automation bring to manufacturing and service and discover what specific capabilities platforms and customer portals can offer.

Streamline your supply chain, distribution, and customer service processes with portals and platform solutions

Platforms and portals:

  • give machine and plant manufacturers the chance to digitally model their processes

  • allow manufacturers to increase efficiency by automating their business

  • improve collaboration thanks to one central platform

  • give customers a single digital touchpoint for all requests

In this whitepaper, learn about the potential that customer portals and platforms bring to your business. And discover how you can benefit from the comprehensive capabilities they provide for your company. Download now!

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Learn about the benefits of digital solutions for manufacturing

  1. New requirements are shaping the manufacturing business

  2. Digital transformation can support machine builders in their challenges

  3. B2B customer portals and platform solutions drive efficiency and improve customer experience

  4. Platforms and portals in action: two use cases show the potential

  5. Conclusion

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