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Digitalization in mechanical and plant engineering

New technologies paired with a digital strategy designed for customer satisfaction offer mechanical engineering great potential for modern business models, organic growth and greater competitiveness. The whitepaper provides an insight into a digitized world of mechanical and plant engineering.


Digitalization - how to change the manufacturing industry with digital solutions

Highly efficient platform technologies bundle the expertise of strong partners to drive innovation - our own and that of our customers. They integrate and automate local and hybrid business and production processes across divisions and companies. The former value chain is gradually evolving into a feature-based, digital value network in which predictive analytics provide the facts for well-founded decisions. The entry into individual digitization typically takes place with a project that promises the best cost-benefit ratio.

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Your summary about digital transformation in the manufacturing industry

  1. Digitalization - a must for the industry

  2. Customer proximity as a driver of growth and competitive strength

  3. Innovative, individual service packages as a main decision factor

  4. Service for higher Lifecycle Performance

  5. Advanced Services

  6. Digital strategy oriented towards customer satisfaction

  7. Automated processes are streamlined, reliable and transparent

  8. Predictive Analytics – future currency in the industry

  9. Conclusion

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