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On-Demand-Webinar: Kubernetes for SMEs- a secret to success

Kubernetes is becoming increasingly for businesses important and it is hard to imagine IT organizations of larger companies without it. With increasing awareness of the technology, the question arises as to what Kubernetes as a platform also means for medium-sized businesses and how they can benefit from this secret of success.


This is what the Kubernetes webinar is all about

This webinar recording is in German. We´ll explain:

  • how the SMEs can meet their new challenges in the market,

  • how Kubernetes as a technology can help you specifically

  • and how you can implement Kubernetes yourself in 4 easy steps

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Fabian Kleiser as speaker

These and other topics will be explored in detail by Fabian Kleiser, Head of Cloud Innovations at Mimacom, during the webinar. He has been working as a software engineer at Mimacom for 6 years now and has led numerous strategic cloud platform implementations for Mimacom`s customers in the financial, energy and retail industries.

How to get the recording

Simply fill out the form and you will receive the recording directly in your mailbox. The webinar is in German.