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IoT for equipment manufacturers and plant engineers

Globalization and digitization have overcome geographical boundaries and technical hurdles in recent years. This is creating new standards in the manufacturing industry: digital business models and machine management, individual customer solutions and increased production performance have become the common measure. For equipment manufacturers and plant engineers, this has not only increased competition. The new requirements also mean that high-quality equipment and systems alone are no longer enough to keep up in the global manufacturing industry market.


IoT for manufacturing: Equipment monitoring, smart devices and installed base management for better performance and customer service

In this white paper, you will learn how leading equipment manufacturers and plant builders are benefiting from the Internet of Things, addressing current challenges, and taking advantage of equipment monitoring and installed base management.

The 4 chapters of the whitepaper guide you through practical examples and give you recommendations on how your company can also successfully implement IoT solutions. Find out how installed base management, IoT services, and equipment monitoring can help your business grow.

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What you will learn about the Internet of Things in this whitepaper

  1. Manufacturing in the era of digital transformation: Challenges and opportunities

    1. Facing challenges: globalization - digitalization - automation

    2. Taking advantage of opportunities: smart devices - equipment monitoring - installed base management

  2. How equipment manufacturers benefit from the Internet of Things

    1. Equipment monitoring and fleet management for equipment manufacturers

    2. Smart devices for equipment manufacturers

  3. How plant engineers benefit from the Internet of Things

    1. Installed base management functions for plant engineers and their customers

    2. Digital plant management at Körber Technologies (formerly Hauni)

  4. New business models and services thanks to IoT and IIoT

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