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Mobile App Development as a Success Accelerator for Digital Solutions

For many companies today, mobile user behavior is the starting point for new strategies and provides crucial input for their product development. The success-stories of WhatsApp and Uber impressively demonstrate just how important mobile apps are as the key to developing new digital business models.


How to develop a mobile app

Mobile app development is, therefore a decisive competitive factor for companies to achieve growth in the digital age.

Even though apps often seem simple and elegant, hiding the complexity of background data processing from the user and the complexity of mobile app development must not be underestimated.

For companies, short development cycles, app performance and optimal user experience are decisive success factors when developing mobile apps. However, mobile app development is a highly complex process that has to take into account user behavior and diverse technical requirements.

Because of the widespread support of the developer community, two technologies are currently recommended for developing mobile apps:

  • the JavaScript framework React Native was developed by Facebook

  • the TypeScript framework Angular developed by Google.

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Use the advantages of Angular and React for mobile app development

In order to be able to use the advantages of platforms such as Angular or React (e.g. fast, efficient, and cost-effective app development for several platforms at the same time) a lot of know-how is required.

The advantages are therefore best exploited if you rely on a professional partner for app development who already has a wealth of experience and special know-how in designing and developing mobile apps with React and Angular.

Read more about the specific challenges in mobile app development and why React and Angluar are well suited.