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TechRadar | Facing Technological Challenges

How prepared is your organization to face constant technological changes?

The TechRadar is a working guide on Areas, Methodologies, and Operations designed to help you navigate this evolving landscape. This review of trends and best practices will enable your company to stay ahead and optimize performance in a digital and competitive world.


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  1. New Technologies: In-depth analysis of over 90 technologies, featuring 16 new entries such as IoT, Pinia, and Google Cloud.

  2. Advanced Methodologies: Evaluation of practices like IaC and GitOps for optimizing infrastructure management and deployment.

  3. Highlighted Frameworks: Detailed insights into popular frameworks like Angular and NextJS essential for modern web development.

  4. Cloud Innovation: Tools and strategies tailored for efficient management across public and multicloud environments.

  5. Automation and Efficiency: Methods to streamline automation and ensure consistency in software development processes.

  6. Emerging Technologies: Exploration of cutting-edge technologies such as Text Embedding and Kubernetes deployment tools.

  7. Specialized Guidance: Practical advice and expert insights from Mimacom on effectively implementing and utilizing these technologies.

  8. Business Impact: Strategic recommendations for adopting technologies that deliver competitive advantages and operational enhancements.

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