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Cloud platform and SAFe transformation

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With the implementation and the multi-level corporate transformation of the leading Swiss clinical information system, Mimacom and Mimacom consulting contribute to the customer's success to grow and scale by means of a new methodology, cloud architecture and a new sourced and trained team.



The extension of the product portfolio from on-premises solutions towards cloud solutions involves also the Healthcare sector. In the meantime, the requirements of this sector have evolved and become increasingly strict and precise. In order to face these new challenges, our customer needed a multi-level corporate transformation of the information system.

POLYPOINT AG was founded in 1986 as an independent IT service company with the former name of Erne Consulting AG. In 1989, the company headquartered in Gümligen, Switzerland, began specializing in software for the Healthcare sector.

Development, installation, training and maintenance is the main focus of the company's activities carried out from over 800 installations and more than 20'000 users daily.

To maintain the market position as a leading provider of clinical information systems and to face new, technological challenges, our customer decided to expand its product portfolio with connected cloud services.


Mimacom and Mimacom consulting supported the customer during the whole process of the corporate transformation on a technical level as well as concerning the change of the corporate mindset towards an agile and lean organization:

  • Creation of a new team of experts: Mimacom and Mimacom consulting consisting of Senior Experts, POLYPOINT employees and a nearshored development team

  • Consulting services to develop a modern cloud architecture

  • Built up a scalable cloud platform based on microservices architecture using cutting-edge frameworks

  • Integration of generic cloud platform functionalities

  • Coaching in SAFe methodology to build up a corporate product portfolio backlog and to be able to run multiple agile teams

With the sustainable change of methodology and culture towards a reliable and secure cloud solution and the creation of a portfolio backlog, POLYPOINT improves competitiveness at all levels.