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Portal Solution and UX Design

With the implementation of a new employee portal, individual services, information and news are made available to the user centrally - taking into account his authorizations and company affiliation. This makes internal collaboration more efficient.

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Our customer is one of the leading system providers for education, consulting and integration. In order to maintain this position, our client decided to implement an innovative and flexible employee portal.

With the aim of making information, services and news centrally available to the employees of all locations and companies, mimacom implemented a new portal solution.

Taking into account the complex company- and authorization structure, the information from the existing employee portals was migrated and a team area for the internal cooperation was created. Another central function of the portal is the search, in which the user's company affiliation is respected and the search results are displayed according to priority.


Mimacom accompanied the customer from the requirements analysis through the creation of the architecture to the successful implementation of an employee portal:

  • Requirements analysis for the new portal solution

  • UI/UX design of the solution in close cooperation with the customer

  • Implementation of the new employee portal

  • Proof of concept of the portal implemented by Mimacom

  • User training for administrators

Project Details

Industry: Public Sector

Team: 8 members, including Project Manager, Requirements Engineer, Architects, Backend Engineer, Frontend Engineer, UI/UX Designer

Users: more than 10,000 employees at over 300 locations throughout Germany Products / Technologies:

  • Liferay 7

  • Elasticsearch

  • JUnit

  • Kerberos

By means of transparent, centralized, and clearly arranged internal information and services internal collaboration is facilitated and working time is optimized.