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Mimacom develops e-services and reporting for swisscom

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Mimacom has developed a range of different solutions for Swisscom (Corporate Business), which the company offers to its clients as eServices.

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Invoice Reporting

Invoice Reporting is a comprehensive solution for keeping track of invoices and analyzing the services that Swisscom has provided to its clients.


Management- and Reporting-application for Remote Access Services (RAS). Rich-Client for the administration, as well as Web-Client for the customer access.


Heureka consists of a web-based reporting application for voice- and traffic data, as well as Incidents and Orders with its corresponding data warehouse. Current data are monthly available to large Swisscom-Customers for evaluation and charging purposes.


Key aspect of the introduction- and integration-major project "All-IP" was the construction of a modular and flexible product model to conclude processes in a more lean and quicker manner. Mimacom supports Swisscom in the area of Fulfillment and Assurance Systems development for the new IT-based net which is also based on a new IT-Architecture in the area of project-, change- and requirement-management starting from the conception to the implementation.


Web application for creation, approval and distribution of business figures reports. The reports are created from various data sources (CSV, PDF, EXCEL, or online from SAP BW) by means of a report engine, controlled by selection- and publication procedures and finally published and filed as sets to the authorized user groups.