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Volksbank Filder increases the pace of financing processes by six times

Volksbank Filder was looking to modernize its financing management system for building contractors and subdividers, which at the time had been carried out using an Excel sheet. Each financing application and subsequent account required its own spreadsheet, leading to ~ 130 spreadsheets to manage (depending on the number of customers) thus, taking up a vast amount of staff time with a significant risk of human error.


Volksbank Filder contracted Mimacom to review their needs and propose a solution. Our team recommended implementing a tailor-made business process automation platform based on Flowable technology. Now, this Volksbank is way ahead of other Volksbanks. With integrated document management as well as simplified communications and the possibility for a fully integrated chat, their staff can easily process financing requests, analyze financing applications, manage accounts, and ensure compliance and revision security, all in one place. The ability to carry out ad-hoc evaluations saves an enormous amount of resources, especially given the increasing number of inquiries.

The challenge

  • Appraisers, Credit managers, clerks, and sales executives are required to navigate a lengthy manual process with a high risk of human error

  • Every project requires its own spreadsheets with no possibility to automate processes

  • No functional reporting system in place

  • No possibility to scale

  • No access restrictions possible

The solution

  • Flowable provides end-to-end automation, using the notation standards CMMN to handle complex scenarios and BPM for repetitive parts of the overall solution.

  • The platform enables users to generate data-driven visualizations of workflows while offering the freedom to intervene, collaborate, and make on-the-fly decisions

The benefits

  • No need to switch between dozens of spreadsheets

  • New ways for data analysis

  • Optimized resource planning and allocation

  • Creation of overviews, e.g. unit overview, at the touch of a button

  • Creation and storage of snapshots for easy data comparison

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