July 6, 2021

Confluent Starter Package: Get your data in motion

Linking existing data with current information in real time, improves the customer experience - in every industry. The new Confluent Starter Packages from mimacom enable you to get started with data streaming in just a few days.

Confluent Starter Packages

The Confluent Starter Packages offer a quick introduction to real-time data streaming within three to six days.

  • Getting to know the Confluent platform and Apache Kafka®
  • Setup of the Confluent streaming platform for your company
  • Demo of Confluent features and applications
  • Confluent certified services tailored to your needs

Thanks to the proven practical knowledge and the latest technology know-how of the Confluent experts at mimacom, you can get started quickly with the Confluent Starter Packages.

Use data as a central system in your company.