March 4, 2022

New customer onboarding solution for banks by mimacom

A first-class digital onboarding experience is as critical to a bank's revenue as it is to customer satisfaction. Banks rely on mimacom to make the onboarding process for new customers seamless and simple - both for the customers themselves and for the back office.

Flexibility, agility and efficiency for your bank

The new onboarding solution by mimacom optimizes the complete onboarding workflow of your bank. The solution is based on the intelligent business process engine from Flowable, which has proven itself in the banking sector, and leaves nothing to be desired thanks to its wide range of functions.

Experience in a non-binding demo how banks can use the solution to

  • automate routine tasks easily
  • offer an outstanding user experience
  • simplify document verification in the Know Your Customer context
  • Act flexibly in the event of regulatory adjustments thanks to a low-code approach
  • Optimize processes thanks to process mining

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Book a no-obligation demo and find out how the solution not only offers maximum convenience for new customers, but also how it heralds a new era internally at banks.