Mobile App for vending machines

With the development and the implementation of a mobile app offering an overview of the vending machines nearby as well as a customer tailored product catalogue, mimacom provided a solution that enables a new and innovative way for online orders and purchases.


The customer purchasing behaviour changes towards individualization and personalization. To be in line with this trend, our client needed a digital solution to facilitate the purchase process and, in this way to face the new challenges to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

The core business of our client are vending machines for every need, an online shop for resellers as well as an Elecronic Goods Issuing System.

In order to adapt to the client’s individual needs offering acustomer-tailored product catalogue and a very easy way to purchase goods online, mimacom designed and implemented a solution that offers an individual and pleasant shopping experience.


mimacom guided the customer through the solution process, from requirements engineering to realization and implementation of a mobile app offering a customer-tailored product catalogue.

  • The solution is based on a specification carried out by T-Systems
  • Analysis of possible technologies to implement a cross-platform app for Android, iOS and potentially Windows Mobile
  • Requirements analysis and decision for a hybrid approach using Ionic 1 and Cordova
  • Design of a base application
  • Integration of sophisticated feature requests (e.g. the
  • possibility to carry out the payment via app)
  • Compliance with the additional security requirements due to the introduction of a payment provider

Project Details

Industry: Manufacturing

Team: 4 members including Requirements Engineer, Software Engineers, Project Manager

Users: millions of potential consumers in key countries

Development Period: 2016 – 2017

Products / Technologies:

  • Ionic 1
  • Cordova
  • Phonegap
  • AngularJS
  • Webpack
  • Karma
  • Android, iOS

The mobile app closes the digital information loop between the client and the cash register system: Articles can be ordered and paid via online payment and vouchers can be encashed.

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