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Data Engineering & IoT Solutions

Even with your data today, processes can be improved and automated, opportunities identified, customer loyalty increased, errors avoided, fraud detected, tasks triaged, potential or risk assessed and entirely new products and services created. Learn about the possibilities and fully exploit the potential with the mimacom data engineering and IoT specialists.


Data Governance & Management

Process and analyze your data leveraging metadata discovery and management techniques. Enhance compliance and quality and unleash data power

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Data Strategy & Platforms

Ensure data access to all stakeholders. Develop a data strategy, democratize data usage and improve data availability in your company.

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IoT Solutions

Design robust IoT systems. Develop multi-tier IoT architectures. Optimize data utility and combine analytics with proper security measures.


Data Privacy & Security

Develop scalable strategies for data privacy in your company with a privacy-preserving approach in data streaming architectures.



Build new technical skills and deepen your expertise in data streaming architectures. Learn concepts and follow practical lab exercises.

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Data offers the answer to unprecedented questions, unleashes new business potential and enhances the quality of the customer experience. Even after years of experience as a data engineer, the high impact of strategic data usage and data management in the enterprise is fascinating.
Pawel Wasowicz, Head of Data Engineering mimacom

Numerous companies rely on a collaboration with mimacom when it comes to data engineering and IoT - for training and workshops or for the design and implementation of data platforms based on state-of-the-art technologies.

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Data Engineering and IoT

Our ELK stack experts use Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana as well as Hadoop and Couchbase to help customers store, index, analyze and get insights into their large amounts of structured and unstructured data or data streams.

mimacom is a global consulting and system integrations partner of Confluent

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mimacom advises companies on digital transformation and contributes to the design of innovative architectures. mimacom has been a partner of Confluent, founded by the developers of Apache Kafka, since 2017. As a certified training partner, mimacom offers official training at locations in Switzerland, Germany, Spain and the USA.

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