Network with your customers, smart and legally compliant

Conversational Banking

Strengthening customer loyalty thanks to conversational banking

Communication behaviour has changed considerably in recent years. Nowadays, people do as much as possible via smartphone. What could be more natural than to meet them where they prefer to be, even as a bank? In social media and chat.

Conversational banking is still in its start-up phase. Present yourself as a trendsetter now by giving your customers innovative dialogue experiences - legally compliant, even via chat. Combine functions for mobile banking with artificial intelligence to benefit from new forms of interaction with your customers.

Advanced technologies automate real-time dialogues. This saves you time and money while your customers benefit from outstanding service.

Innovative solutions with industry expertise

Our consultants are up to date with the requirements of your industry, agile approaches and innovative technologies like Flowable Engage. In partnership with you, they can develop your digital banking strategy and support you in the design and implementation of new services. Our consultants use recognized design principles and agile development methods. In this way, they minimize implementation times without losing sight of the project goal.

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Compliant and customer-oriented with conversational banking

With conversational banking you create an omnichannel distribution network that is tamper-proof and complies with all regulations. Customers can now conduct their business with your bank via their smartphone. By the means of conversational banking you meet them in a customer and service-oriented way. It also allows them to chat with your advisors, be it via WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or other popular chat apps.

Automated processes handle standard requests such as updating address data completely independently. If potential problems are identified in the chat, or if complex queries and regulatory issues are involved that even case management cannot solve independently, the request goes to the account manager. Intelligent assistants support them in the dialogue with their customer with context-related information and documents from connected systems.

In the background, the system takes care of:

  • Legally and audit-proof processes and data consistency
  • Lean, transparent and cost-effective processes
  • Flexible handling of customer requirements

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