Customer Onboarding for Banks – The First Impression Matters


Win more new customers and save time

Customer onboarding sets the tone for the new customer relationship as the initial contact. The online account opening process should be fast and seamless and offer a sustainable customer experience. With modern onboarding solutions, banks are also equipped to deal with the conflicting demands of frequently changing compliance and regulatory requirements to ensure the correctness of all customer data in an onboarding process free of media data format changes. Learn more about customer-friendly and compliance-secure onboarding processes for banks from mimacom and convert website visitors into new bank customers.



Seamless onboarding

Intelligent business process automation simplifies onboarding for new customers and for the bank itself.

Excellent user experience on the web

The web presence as a new front office: convincing in design and user experience, it encourages visitors to register and become customers in just a few clicks – for more new customers.

Know your Customer (KYC)

Depending on the user’s circumstances, a bank may require different documents and evidence from its new users. In the first step, mimacom’s intelligent onboarding solution asks its users for all relevant documents.

Efficiency in the back office

Automating routine tasks allows the bank employee to concentrate on the more complex work. Checking new user applications then becomes a breeze.

Document verification

From video identification to selfies to AI-driven ID verification, mimacom’s onboarding solution takes over new user identity verification.


From the marketing tool to the core banking system and CRM – thanks to intelligent process automation and adapters, tasks can be automated from A to Z.

Process optimization

The customer onboarding solution by mimacom comes with a turnkey process mining tool. Inspect your digital processes and optimize them specifically to make the onboarding experience for new users even easier.


Reference cases

The mimacom-Flowable Group offers technology and project expertise from a single source. This choice has already proven itself with many established financial service providers. Learn more about our reference cases.

With mimacom, we have been able to introduce numerous online services for our customers in recent years: Online appointments, online mortgages, video onboarding and the expanded advisor workstation increase efficiency in customer service and enable an optimal customer experience online as well as in on-site consulting.
Daniel Bolt, Head of Business Development Migros Bank
Advantages for your customers
Fast availability


e-banking is available to your users within a few hours.

Give your users access to all banking services to conduct financial transactions tailored to their circumstances within the shortest possible time.



Meet your users’ expectations of the digital offering of a modern bank.

Offer your users maximum comfort and user experience from the first moment. Because first impressions matter.



Thanks to seamless onboarding free of changes in media data formats, your users know where they stand.

Fast takeoff instead of days of waiting in uncertainty. Bank customers appreciate lean and transparent processes and knowing where they stand.

Advantages for your Bank


The onboarding solution by mimacom takes over standard checks automatically.

This frees your back office from routine tasks and gives them more time to complete important tasks.



Changing regulations or compliance requirements?

Easily adapt your onboarding processes to new circumstances. Since the solution supports the low-code approach, it is easy for your bank to meet the latest compliance rules and regulations quickly.



Implement additional digital business processes at any time.

Flowable, as the underlying BPM solution, helps you implement your digital strategy.


Leading Technologies for reliable banking

Flowable offers a single flexible platform that allows banks to optimize processes and customer journeys, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Execute and track processes from the lending activity and payment transactions to customer engagement, due diligence, and KYC on the fly – all while maintaining the highest standards of resilience, risk management, and compliance. Gain flexibility to respond quickly to market changes, regulations, and customer expectations.