Modern architectures and integrated systems for real-time data streaming


Real-time data processing and customer services

Bank customers have high expectations of digital services. Not only access via web browser, but also via smartphone and messaging solutions requires a future-oriented strategy in the e-banking context. But traditional banks usually suffer from complex, grown system landscapes.

Modern microservice- and streaming architectures overcome this complexity. They integrate different systems and data sources, support new technical standards and are the basis for innovative e-banking and portal solutions.

Regardless of the technological approach, in the end your customer will decide whether added value is provided. Therefore, customer needs and wishes should be at the heart of every technical solution.

Microservice and streaming architectures for a better user experience

Innovative concepts require new approaches, future-oriented technologies and competence in order to make them usable.

mimacom has many years of experience on numerous projects in the banking environment. After a thorough requirements analysis within each project, our experts select the appropriate solutions from an innovative technology stack, which also contains numerous open source technologies. In doing so, they keep an eye on the added value for their customers. Because a very good customer experience is the benchmark for our solutions.

The implementation is based on agile development methods. Our flexible company organization ensures timely implementation and scalable operation, including nearshoring options.

Innovative E-Banking Solutions

With industry expertise and innovative technologies for your e-banking, we help to support your business goals and to realize an excellent user experience for your customers.

Replicate core banking data (including mainframe) in real time using change data capture (CDC) to a modern and scalable middle layer (e.g. Apache Kafka / Confluent, Elasticsearch, MongoDB) on which leading web applications can be built. This approach can save money by relieving expensive systems such as Oracle databases or mainframes and reducing the complexity and effort of development. In addition to the cost savings, it enables the creation of functions that meet the highest e-banking standards.

Our solutions

  • E-Banking portals

  • Web applications and mobile apps

  • System migrations

  • Integration of core banking data into a streaming architecture, based on innovative technologies such as Apache Kafka/Confluent

  • Modern, scalable middle layer architectures (e.g. with Apache Kafka/Confluent, Elasticsearch, MongoDB)

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