Increased turnover thanks to Online Appointment Management

Online Appointment Management

Positive customer experience thanks to automated appointment management

Customer meetings are an important basis for new business. A good preparation is the A&O, because the time of your consultants is rare and needs to be well used. Business process automation holds considerable efficiency potential.

With Online Appointment Management, you not only automate the allocation of appointments, but ensure qualified appointment preparation. Workflows take over complex routine tasks in a fraction of the time a qualified bank consultant would need. This improves the customer experience and compliance requirements such as KYC (Know Your Customer) and CDD (Customer Due Diligence) are taken care of right away.

Digital appointment coordinator for qualified customers

You do not have to be a digital expert yourself; our consultants know your industry. Using agile methods, they will work with you to design and implement an online appointment solution that is tailored to your organization. To do so, they rely on a thorough analysis of your status quo and your goals.

With innovative technologies such as Flowable for the automated control of customer-centric processes and for case management, your solution covers both structured and unstructured processes in compliance.

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Automated, compliant appointment preparation

Appointments should be made quickly and in real time. Simple and convenient. This creates a good customer experience and increases the conversion rate, no matter which online channel your customer uses.

An automated process management or case management system queries the reason for the appointment as well as all the information required for a thorough qualification. Checklists show the website visitor which documents are needed at the appointment to help them make a quick decision. In this respect, online appointment scheduling can handle both structured and unstructured automated processes.

When making appointments, the solution accesses a matrix that links the portfolio modules with the appropriate consultants and directly displays free times in calendar systems. This ensures that customers can arrange an appointment with a competent advisor on a case-by-case basis.

New customers trigger processes for due diligence and KYC. Auditing functions create and archive the mandatory contact notes and reports in the background – everything before your bank advisor becomes involved.

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