With automated appointment allocation at qualified dates and more turnover

Online Appointment Management

Prepare customer meetings and score points

When your clients take the time to adapt their insurance cover to their new life situation, consolidate contracts or look for more advantageous rates, your agency is usually closed. However, if they want advice, appointments are usually made online via smartphone and in real time – Simple and convenient, preferably via chat. Insurers who make this possible will create a very good customer experience for their prospects, increasing the conversion rate.

With this digital appointment allocation, it doesn't have to be about date and time. The process can fully qualify the customer with the appointment request. Preconfigured processes request the required information so that the first meeting is already optimally prepared. These processes can handle complex routine tasks in a fraction of the time it would take your consultant – in this case perhaps rate calculation and risk assessment.

With mimacom as our technology and development partner, we have developed the Customer Relationship Management, which together with our ERP is one of Atupri's most important strategic applications today. We profited from the technological know-how, but also from the flexibility and reliability of mimacom. Another essential point for a successful cooperation is the transparent, open and honest way of communication, as well as the fairness of the partnership.
Dieter Genge, Head of IT and Projects Atupri Health Insurance

Date coordination including customer qualification

You do not have to be a digital expert yourself; our consultants know the financial and insurance industry. Based on a thorough analysis, they will work with you to design and implement an online appointment system tailored to your company. Thanks to our agile consulting and development methods, the first applications will be quickly available. mimacom uses an innovative technology stack for the conception.

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Automated appointment preparation

Automated process management or case management for unstructured processes collects the necessary information, such as the reason for the conversation and the participants. According to the request, the system selects suitable forms and checklists, which show the website visitor the documents required for the appointment. If they have these documents at hand, they can upload them immediately. Such detailed appointment preparation leads to a quick decision.

When making appointments, the solution accesses a matrix that links the portfolio building blocks with the appropriate consultants and suggests available appointments in the calendar systems, ensuring an appointment with the right consultant. The interactions are logged and documented in a legally compliant manner.

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