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Digitalization enables innovation, competitive advantage and contributes to the success of a company. To effectively implement these advantages, a strategy based on experience and expertise is needed. Human-machine interactions require creativity and a structured approach in addition to technical understanding. Agile methods unite this ideal and achieve the target image unerringly. This is how you successfully bring your new digital services to the market.

With the Digital Accelerator Program, we advise you in all matters; from sharpening your digital strategy to designing new services and implementing them. We ensure future-oriented solutions with high investment security.

Success with the Digital Accelerator Program

The Digital Accelerator Program from mimacom is the basis for a structured approach. Together with our experts you discover, define and develop innovative solutions for your future business success. Problem-oriented cooperation between our team and your specialists, based on an agile approach, leads to high quality outcomes.

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Your advantages

  • Individual solutions and competitive advantages through tailor-made solutions in various industries and application areas as well as innovative technologies

  • High customer benefit through methodologies such as user research and appropriate testing

  • High investment security by focusing on problem-solving products, starting with the basic functions and the Minimum Viable Product, through usable intermediate steps to the overall solution

  • High degree of innovation through comprehensive reflection of the project environment and customer needs

With mimacom as our technology and development partner, we have developed the Customer Relationship Management, which together with our ERP is one of Atupri's most important strategic applications today. We profited from the technological know-how, but also from the flexibility and reliability of mimacom. Another essential point for a successful cooperation is the transparent, open and honest way of communication, as well as the fairness of the partnership.
Dieter Genge, Head of IT and Projects Atupri Health Insurance

Make the transition to the digital enterprise

The trend for digital transformation is in full swing and the scope of IT-based business models is constantly growing. Traditional companies are challenged by this situation as well as new market participants. If they lack the experience, it can be difficult to prioritize their next steps in a meaningful way to ultimately benefit from digitalization. Cultural and process-related change processes do not go hand in hand. Thanks to agile working methods, for example, companies can react flexibly and promptly to customer requirements.

mimacom advises companies on all aspects of digital transformation, from digital strategy, architecture and solution design to implementation and operation.

Methodical competence through continuous process improvement

mimacom pursues the continuous process optimization of all operational procedures and has a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001. ISO certification according to ISO 27001 deepens the continuous improvement in the area of information security management system. Consistently high quality in procedures, projects, software solutions and information security is part of mimacom's self-image and part of the company DNA. This is the basis for trusting and long-term partnerships.

ISO 27001

ISO 9001

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