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Transform the experience of your customers

Digitalization is not an end in itself. Rather, it provides measurable added value for your customers – and thus for your company. To achieve this, highly complex and cross-disciplinary topics will be understood and transformed into innovative products and services.

However, the development of a digital strategy and digital services poses major challenges for many companies. And the reasons can be many and varied; companies do not know their target group and their needs and wishes well enough; stakeholders see themselves as users or the newly created services do not solve any problems.

mimacom helps you to unite the intersection of customer needs and business objectives in the form of innovative services and products.

Combination of people, business, technology and design

mimacom develops solutions based on the ISO 9241-210 procedure model, the process for the design of usable systems. Our holistic mindset and a multidisciplinary team enable us to transform challenges into solutions that are used and loved by your customers.

Customer satisfaction through good user experience: Multimodal design

Is the bringing together of engineering and design disciplines. It enables the interaction of human-system, human-service- and human-machine on all known sensory levels.

Coordination of all channels and touchpoints: Service Design

Is the specification and design of processes that provide a specific group of users with valuable capacity to act in order to drive the business of a specific customer.

The foundation: strategic design

Is the application of future-oriented design principles to enhance the innovative and competitive qualities of an organization.

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Agile approaches and interdisciplinary teams

mimacom relies on agile procedures to bring projects to success. Our consultants are part of an interdisciplinary team and develop the solutions together with you, ensuring sustainability and investment security. With our Digital Accelerator Program, companies can always keep track of the phase the project is in.

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